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Our natural Shea Butter Soap Bars are made without detergent, man-made colour, palm oils, fragrance oils and caustic ingredients. We only use pure essential oils in our soap and bath products. Natural earth mined clays and handcrafted vegetable colourings, give our soaps their beautiful muted colours. This soap is creamy and lathers well. 


Please be reminded that natural flower petals and herbs used in the natural soaps will brown over time when exposed to the air, at times faster than expected! We do not use any alcohol in or on our soaps, so at times you may see small bubbles or a slight ripple on the soap face, this is part of keeping things natural and chemical free - this way it is naturally imperfectly perfect!

The flowers and herbs in our products were grown on our farm, picked lovingly by hand and dehydrated carefully.  There were no pesticides or fertilizers used, Mother Nature took great care of them with a little of our help and love!

All of our candles are made of 100% vegetable soy.  Soy wax is a beautiful wax without all the toxins that other waxes possess.  We have candles made with pure essential oils in our Spiritual and Essentials Collections.  Our Home Scent Collections are made with premium phthalate and paraben free fragrance oils. Our supplier is a Canadian company that has strong commitments to quality products. We are super sensitive to scents and we can spend a whole day creating candles with no ill effects or headaches. Soy wax is affected by the environment.  It will attempt to return to its' natural state.  At times you will see lines, cracks, bubbles and frosting on the sides or tops of the candles.  These minor blemishes do not affect the burn in any way. 

Please be sure to complete a total melt pool - melted wax reaches the edge of the jar.  For every inch (size of jar) allow one hour of burn time.  Our cotton papper wicks are designed to complete a very slow, cooler burn.  Be sure to allow lots of time for your initial burn – at times up to 6 hours for a total melt pool in some candles.  Our wicks are self-trimming, always trim your wick before burning to limit excess smoke.  Please read our Candle Care to learn more about getting the most from your Rural Roots Bliss + Gifts natural soy candles!

Please be sure your order and delivery address are correct before you finalize your order. We do complete local deliveries or porch drop offs.  When your order is fulfilled and a shipping label is made, you will receive an email with a tracking number.  We are not responsible for theft or damage to the products from the environmental elements or shipping.  We ship via Canada Post.  We are not responsible for theft of your delivery or an error in the provided address.  Please allow minimum 2-5 days delivery, as many of our products are made to order to ensure quality and freshness.


We are not responsible for products damaged during the shipping process. We will not refund, replace or credit the products damaged by others.

We work hard to provide you with high quality natural products.

We do not accept returns or exchanges, all sales are final.


Rural Roots Bliss + Gifts

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