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Shower Steamers

Transform your shower into a luxurious wellness retreat with our all-natural Shower Steamers. Crafted with care and love, each steamer is made from 100% plant-based ingredients, free from dyes, fragrance oils, and glitter.


Experience the power of aromatherapy as you choose from our carefully selected blends. Our menthol-infused steamer aids in relieving colds and congestion, while our soothing lavender variant promotes a restful sleep. Each steamer is infused with pure essential oils to enhance your shower experience.


Not only do these steamers provide therapeutic benefits, but they also add a touch of elegance to your bathroom space. Simply place the steamer in the mist of your shower (not in the stream) and allow it to gently fizz as it releases its aromatic goodness. Each steamer can last for 2-3 showers, making them a great value for money.


After showering, simply pick up the steamer and place it on a tray to dry between uses. Please note that these steamers are meant for shower use only, as the menthol crystals are not intended for soaking.

Join countless others who have fallen in love with our best-selling Shower Steamers. Elevate your shower routine today and indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience right at home!



Immune - All natural, organic ingredients scented, pure essential oils and menthol. Peppermint, Eucalyptus Lemon help to boost your immunity.


Breathe - All natural, organic ingredients scented, pure essential oils and menthol. Peppermint, Rosemary, Birch aids to clear your sinuses.


Calm - lavender, lavender and more lavender! Organic ingredients and pure essential oils with aid in your sleep.


No dyes, fragrance oils or glitter!


These are a best seller!! Each are intentionally handcrafted in our studio!


 Also makes your bathroom space smell like a fancy retreat! Place in the mist of the shower, not in the stream! Allow to fizz lightly, can be used for a 2-3 showers! Pick up and place on tray to dry in between showers.




Shower Steamers

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