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Shower Steamer Trio

Everything is better in threes!! Our TRIO of Shower Steamers wrapped up inate, cornstarch, citric acid and menthol!


IMMUNE - eucalyptus lemon, peppermint and spearmint with all the menthol flakes

BREATHE - peppermint and birch and loads of menthol flakes

CALM - lavender, lavender and more lavender, lavender and more lavender


These are a best seller!! Each are intentionally handcrafted in our studio!


Place in the mist of the shower, not in the stream! Allow to fizz lightly, can be used for a couple showers! Each puck is good for 2-3 showers, depending on where you place the puck! ! TIP Allow to fizz lightly, can be used for 2-3 showers! Pick up and place on tray to dry in between showers.

Shower Steamer Trio

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