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Garden Rose Floral Water

Extracted from the fresh garden rose petals. rose floral water has been used for thousands of years and were even used by kings, queens, and royalty in ancient civilizations.

Today, rose floral water is a highly versatile ingredient in skin care and aromatherapy, as it possesses many of the same benefits as essential oils.

Other uses for rose water include aromatic face or body spritz, as well as applied to hot bath water for a fragrant and soothing effect.

Always complete a test, discontinue use if irritation occurs.

* Premium quality long-lasting scent makes a lovely addition to most home spa routines

* Soothing rose floral water helps tone skin and fight signs of aging

50 ml

As always do a test to determine if your skin is sensitive to the product. Discontinue if irritation occurs.

Garden Rose Floral Water

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