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Intensive Foot Soak

Tired of achy, sore feet? Discover the ultimate remedy with our Intensive Foot Soak! Enriched with powerful Dead Sea Mineral Salt, refreshing Peppermint and Spearmint essential oils, and the purifying benefits of Baking Soda, this foot soak is a must-have for anyone seeking rejuvenation and relief.

Imagine sinking your feet into a soothing basin or bathtub filled with warm water infused with our invigorating crystals. As you soak for just 10-15 minutes, feel the rejuvenating properties of Dead Sea Salt working their magic, gently softening and removing rough, calloused skin. Meanwhile, Sodium Bicarbonate draws out bacteria, sweat, and impurities, leaving your feet feeling impeccably clean and smooth.

But that's not all - our Intensive Foot Soak goes beyond mere purification. The cooling infusion of Peppermint and Spearmint essential oils enhances circulation while providing a delightful burst of freshness. Say goodbye to unpleasant odors as these revitalizing oils eliminate unwanted smells, leaving your feet feeling cool, relaxed, and deodorized.

To experience the transformative power of our Intensive Foot Soak, simply dissolve a handful of crystals in warm water and let the magic unfold. Whether you're seeking relief after a long day on your feet or looking to indulge in some self-care pampering, our foot soak is your go-to solution.

Invest in the well-being of your feet today and discover the energy-boosting benefits that await with our Intensive Foot Soak. Treat yourself to the luxury you deserve - because when it comes to your feet, nothing should stand in the way of comfort and rejuvenation.

Intensive Foot Soak

PriceFrom C$15.00
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