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Energy Cleanse Kit

Our beautiful Energy Cleanse Kit, created with Divine guidance to assist those struggling during the chaos and challenges in todays reality. Cleanse your energy, aura and spaces! Beautifully packaged in our own natural jute bag!


Homegrown, handpicked white sage bundle/smudge floral bouquet, raw crystal, selenite tower, palo santo and pure soy wax tea light scented with pure essential extract of sweetgrass or buffalo sage in a pretty tulip glass tealight holder. A beautiful card gives you a wonderful description of the intuitive guided items in your gift!


Our homegrown sage - hand picked and tied sage bundle or smudge bouquet will assist you in clearing all that no longer serves and any low or negativity energies in your space or aura!


Palo Santo - known as the holy wood is part of the citrus family and has very pleasant sweet notes of pine, mint, and lemon. It is one of our favourite scents and spiritual tool for clearing out low and negative energies, spiritual purification and energy cleansings, restores tranquility and calms emotions.


Raw Crystal - this will vary based on intuitive choice when you order. Each crystal will have a write up explaining how the crystal can assist you in your cleanse.


Clear Quartz Point or Selenite - to help you amp up the frequency of your clearing and/or cleanse your tools!


A pure soy tea light candle - created with oils from our favourite First Nations created Sweetgrass Extract. The Sweetgrass is collected and extracted by First Nations ceremony and values. These are incredible! Sweetgrass is a sacred herb often called “hair of Mother Earth”. Its fragrance is very pleasant, slightly sweet and is used traditionally to attract beneficial energies and favorable circumstances. Sweetgrass is the most feminine of the incenses used for smudging.

Energy Cleanse Kit

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