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Imperfect Collection

Discover the beauty in imperfection with our exclusive collection of Imperfect Candles! Each candle in this unique selection showcases its own story, adding a touch of character to your space. These candles may have minor flaws like old labels or discontinued scents, but their charm remains intact.


Made from 100% natural soy wax, these candles may exhibit signs of their journey, such as a whitened top edge or a slight change in color due to sun exposure. However, rest assured that these imperfections do not affect the scent or the quality of the burn.


Embrace the nostalgia of our old school candles, featuring candles with previous label designs that are now being offered at discounted prices. It's your chance to own a piece of our history while enjoying the same exceptional fragrance experience.


Please note that this collection only includes candles from our listed collections and does not include any other offerings. So seize this opportunity and give these imperfect beauties a new home. Light up your space with character and uniqueness today!


Imperfect Collection

C$30.00 Regular Price
C$20.00Sale Price
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