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Dry Shampoo

Tired of spending hours washing and styling your hair every day? Introducing our Plant-Based Hand Curated Dry Hair Shampoo - Lemongrass Bergamot. This game-changing dry shampoo is your secret weapon for fresh, voluminous hair without the hassle.


With a unique blend of natural ingredients like Arrowroot Powder, Kaolin Clay, French Green Clay, Tapioca Starch, and the invigorating scents of Lemongrass and Bergamot essential oils, our dry shampoo absorbs excess oils, adds volume, and refreshes your hair instantly.

Say goodbye to greasy hair days and hello to effortlessly beautiful locks. Simply shake or dust onto the roots of your hair using a powder brush, wait a minute for it to work its magic, then brush, tousle or towel through for instant freshness.


What makes our dry shampoo even better is that it's aerosol-free and safe to use daily. No harmful chemicals or artificial fragrances here – only plant-based goodness that keeps your hair looking and feeling amazing.


Don't waste precious time on daily washes when you can achieve salon-worthy results in minutes. Try our Plant-Based Hand Curated Dry Hair Shampoo - Lemongrass Bergamot today and experience the convenience of clean, voluminous hair anytime, anywhere.

Dry Shampoo

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