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Dough Bowl Candle - Banquet XL

Bow and decor will vary depending on stock.


Scented in Alpine - cypress, cedarwood, pine, oakmoss and ylang ylang


Approx 50-60 oz of wax and 24-28 wicks


Approx Size- 30” in length


Not every dough bowl is the same, there will be variations in size and shape due to each dough bowl being uniquely hand carved! Filled with our all natural soy wax and essential oil blended in our studio. Vegan. Burns clean.


When burning your candle the oils in the wax will absorb into the soft wood. There is always a chance that the oils in the wood will mix with the warming wax which could discolour the wax slightly. We do our best to “plug” any cracks or knots but due to the natural state of the wood used, along with the dryness of your home, it is possible for small cracks to appear in the wax especially if the temperature is cold. Warm in the sun or use a heat gun to warm the wax. Be sure to have your Dough Bowl Candle set up on something that is safe and cannot get ruined if there is a leak. If a leak happens plug it with tape, glue or wood filler.

Dough Bowl Candle - Banquet XL

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