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Truth Chakra + Energy Candle - Throat

My guides wanted a revamp of the Chakra + Energy Candle scents to be more reflective of the new energy that we are experiencing as light workers. So many shifts have occurred that it was time to change up the scents, energy, intention and purpose of these candles. I am so proud and happy with the results! If you loved the previous ones these will send you soaring!!

Our Chakra + Energy Candles have been designed to be more reflective of spiritual needs, in these times of challenge. Each Chakra + Energy Candle has been given a strong intention to carry each specific desired energy for that particular chakra or energy you wish to connect with. Each are lovingly and intuitively crafted with a custom blend of pure essential oils designed to uplift and connect!


The Chakra + Energy Candles are hand poured and crafted individually to ensure that each candle is filled with the desired energy, love and positivity! Each 12 oz candle is topped with charged crystals that connect with the energy and chakra! Each candle is then charged with reiki energy and sacred geometry! These are powerful candles!

TRUTH - The Throat Chakra and Lapis Lazuli crystal energy, along with our intuitively created blend of pure essential oils of Geranium, Blue Chamomile, Peppermint, and Cedar will assist you to find and speak your truth with kindness and confidence. The Truth Chakra + Energy Candle has a strong spiritual vibration to self-awareness, honesty and clarity. It stimulates objectivity, clarity and encourages creativity, resonates with the Throat Chakra.


Truth Chakra + Energy Candle - Throat

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