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dough bowl care &refill program

Only Rural Roots Bliss & Gifts Dough Bowls are eligible for refills.

Our Dough Bowls have either a stamp or a warning label with our logo. Either must be visible or a receipt for the dough bowl will also be accepted. Failure to provide these options showing it is our dough bowl, may result in refusal. 




Follow our Candle Care 101 on the website. Cracking of wax is possible in large candles, this does not affect the burn quality. Trim wicks at each burn. Corkscrew wicks must be trimmed prior to first burn.  Burn all wicks at the same time. Stop burning when only 1/2” of wax remains. Do not burn down to the metal wick stabilizer as it will burn the wood. Wood is combustible thus, always use caution. There is always a chance of shrinkage due to environmental conditions. There is a risk of leakage. Burn within sight, away from children, pets and flammable materials. Burn on a level, heat safe and leakage safe surface. Do not move or touch while burning, wax will be hot.  When cleaning do not soak dough bowl in water. Do not leave candle outdoors. If leakage occurs, snuff out flame and allow to cool. Repair with glue, wood filler or remove wax. Be aware that wood can dry out, crack and staining of the wax can occur dependent on environmental factors. We are not responsible for the dough bowl/candle after purchase. Quality care will extend the life of your wooden dough bowl.



Simply scrape out any leftover wax then use a hair dryer or heat gun to clean the excess wax, wipe with a paper towel. Do not soak the Dough Bowl in water or place it in the freezer or cold space. Humidity and temperature changes will affect the wood. The Dough Bowl must be clean or there will be a $20 cleaning fee payable at the time of drop off. During refill, some small maintenance on the dough bowl will be completed if we feel it is required. We have the right to refuse any unclean or damaged dough bowl.




Click on Our Boutique tab for location. Dough Bowls must be received at the Boutique.  We will not deliver, pick up or arrange shipping. Shipping dough bowls is NOT permitted due to damages that occur during shipping. Candles are not poured onsite, thus this is a drop off and pick up program. Timelines for refill completion and pick up will be discussed upon drop off. 




The Refill Form must be completed at drop off. Your name, cell and email will be required. You will then choose your scent from our current Studio Collection profiles.  We cannot guarantee the availability of your original dough bowl scent. You must choose a scent, we will not choose one for you. Each refill form must be signed by the owner of the candle. Others can pick up your candle if you have added that person and phone number to the form. 




Each candle has a number written on the bottom in white paint. If this is missing we will charge a flat rate dependent on bowl size.  Refills are $2.50 per ounce.  This pricing includes the standard number of wicks per size, wax and scent. If you would like additional wax, wicks or a stronger scent you will be charged accordingly. All refills must be paid for in full at time of drop off. 




You will be notified when your Dough Bowl is ready for pick up. Please wait for notification for pick up. We will notify you when the candle refill is complete and the candle has been wrapped and is at the boutique. You must provide your name and phone number at time of pick up. 



Rural Roots Bliss + Gifts has final decision over refill amounts, pricing of refills(can change without notice), refusal of any refills, the scheduling of timelines, the number of wicks, and amount of scent placed in each candle. Scent may vary depending on climate and pouring conditions. If any cracks or leakage presents itself during refilling, we will repair them as best we can. We do not guarantee any repairs.


Failure to pick up a dough bowl within a 2 week timeframe from the notice of pick up will surrender the dough bowl and become the property of Rural Roots Bliss + Gifts. 


We are not responsible for failures due to improper lighting/burning and poor candle care. 


Final sale on all products as outlined on Our Policies page. No refunds, exchange or returns.

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